Thursday, February 9, 2012

Solar Home Panels - Basics of Solar Panels for Homes

Radiation emitted by the sun can be captured and converted into useful forms of energy. This energy can be used to power electricity appliances in homes or heat water. The feasibility and economical operation of home solar panels depends on the availability of sunlight in the region.

Solar Energy
To get maximum benefit from home solar panels the ideal place to install it is on roof tops, ideally mounted to face south, but south/east and south/west are great too. PV home solar panels are electric generating solar panels, which are a little more expensive than solar thermal systems. PV solar panels have zero maintenance, and zero fuel cost. These panes have no moving parts. No one actually knows how long these panels will last as the very first PV panels are still producing electricity today.
The optimum size of home solar panels depend on how much energy in kilowatt-hours is necessary per month, and how much it costs per month. Shifting entirely to electricity generated from home solar panels will mean reducing the use of home appliances which draw plenty of electricity.
Home solar panels are becoming popular source of renewable energy for home owners. To have a hassle free installation, solar panels should be purchased from manufacturers who are leaders in this technology. The panels should have durable connectors on the module, as this is one of the items that give trouble. The connections should be sturdy as it is open to all weather conditions. The terminals should also be rugged.
Unlike electricity generated from finite fossil sources like oil, gas and coal, solar energy has no fuel price volatility. With no moving parts, home solar panels are ideal for small homes where solar power has negligible maintenance cost and are reliable. Solar cells generate electricity without air and water emissions. There is no noise pollution either.
The cost of solar electricity is higher than the cost of retail electricity from private power houses. This is so because home solar panels require relatively high up-front costs and low ongoing operational costs. The only obstacle for its mass popularity is its initial investment. As technology in home solar panels become mature, PV cell efficiency increases, manufacturing efficiencies better, and economies of scale improve, it will become more affordable to many more people. Another reason for its low popularity is its aesthetics. The present panels are bulky, heavy, rigid, fragile and non-modular. A flexible, lighter, modular solar panel which fits aesthetically into homes will be welcome.

Cost of Solar Energy and its Benefits

There are many different advantages to solar energy, but the financial aspects are often the most favorable. This is because once your initial investment is paid off, which would be used towards the startup costs of your solar power system, then the energy you will be harnessing from the sun is going to practically be free.
The cost of solar energy is free and this is obviously a positive thing for all people. However, the low to free cost of solar energy is just one of many benefits that are offered to you by solar energy.

What is Solar Energy?
Before you can really understand completely about all of the wonderful benefits of solar energy, you need to understand more about what solar energy actually is. Besides the low to free cost of solar energy, another of the most favorable benefits involves the environment. This is particularly important in the world of today where issues facing the environment are so serious and matters such as global warming have never been of more importance.
Solar energy is clean and renewable and in no way contributes to global warming, acid rain or smog. In fact it actively contributes to the decrease of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, by not using any fuel solar energy also does not contribute to the cost and problems of the recovery and transportation of fuel or to the storage of radioactive waste.
There are also even other benefits to solar energy besides the low to free cost of solar energy. It is independent or at least semi-independent, and as a result in can be utilized to offset utility supplied energy consumption and therefore does not only help by reducing the cost of your electricity bill but as well will continue to supply your home or business with electricity in the event of a power outage. This means that even during the worst weather and conditions you will not have to worry about losing electricity and heat.
Not only is the low to free cost of solar energy favorable but also basically everything else about it. Solar energy is really the mother of all renewable resources on the earth and researching and learning about these and other advantages of solar power is really a fantastic starting point for everyone. This way you can take full advantage of all the wonderful benefits that solar energy has to offer you and your loved ones.

Chemical Energy - The Most Common Form of Energy Used by Man Today

Man uses chemical energy most out of all of the other forms of energy, and it finds use in everything from flashlight batteries to commercial airlines, being the energy released from chemical reactions. Also, most of the world’s electricity comes from chemical energy that is obtained by burning coal, oil as well as gas. Propane, which is a common fuel for stoves, as well as gasoline that powers portable electric generators are common means of obtaining chemical energy.

Energy Stored In Bonds Of Atoms
Chemical energy is energy that is stored in the bonds (force that holds two atoms together) of atoms. A release in the bonds causes a chemical reaction to take place and a new substance is created. A good example would be when iron rusts, which causes the iron atoms to combine with oxygen molecules to form iron oxide.
A chemical reaction could be endothermic in which energy gets absorbed, or it can be exothermic in which energy is given off. When energy is absorbed or given off, there is a certain amount of heat in which this energy is contained. The relationships that we expect from all forms of energy are also common to chemical energy. It is essential for humans to master as well as control and produce chemical energy if we are to survive on the planet.
When atoms are arranged in a special way with the molecules, there is energy present, which is chemical energy. Energy is also released when atoms become rearranged to form new molecules. Chemical energy is also stored in foods as well as in fuels and these are often released when such compounds are made to undergo chemical reactions.
You can also get chemical energy through photosynthesis, and plants grow thanks to the energy contained in light that builds organic molecules from the carbon dioxide contained in the air, and from water contained in the earth. Organofuels is how one describes the energy sources that originate from photosynthetic processes.
Mankind has found storing energy to be most convenient when it takes the form of chemical energy, and the foods that we eat as well as the oxygen that we breathe store energy in the body that is in turn converted into mechanical as well as thermal energy. Batteries are another good example of how chemical energy is stored, which can later be retrieved as electrical energy.

Are You Looking for Bosch Parts?

Bosch Power Tools is a division of one of the largest power tool and accessory manufacturers in the world. Bosch parts are in demand, because Bosch power tool enthusiasts like to extend the life of their Bosch power tools by finding Bosch parts and refurbishing or rehabilitating power tools that need work.
The Bosch Tool Product Line
Bosch offers every imaginable category of tools. Its digital measuring and detection product line includes all manner of laser levels and measuring devices. Bosch makes an amazing variety of cordless tools, like saws, drills, planers, hammers, flashlights, and combination kits.
In the drills and fastening category, Bosch makes cordless fastening drives, drills, screw drivers, and tappers. Bosch also makes hammers and hammer drills, grinders and metalworking tools, sanders and planers, routers and router tables, and a diverse variety of saws. Finally, the Bosch product line includes dust extraction systems and specialty tools like heat guns for paint removal and foam rubber cutters.
Bosch recently ventured into the jobsite audio business with the Power Box advanced jobsite stereo. Time will tell whether music is a good fit for Bosch.
The Market For Bosch Parts
When you buy cheap tools and they break, usually the tools aren't worth repairing. The customer ends up throwing a saw or drill away because one part is broken, and the cost of repairing a cheap power tool can be greater than the cost of replacing the cheap tool. If this process sounds familiar to you, perhaps you should consider buying higher quality tools, like Bosch tools. Bosch tools are worth repairing, so Bosch parts are always in demand.
Bosch tool owners are always on the lookout for Bosch brushes, switches, motors, cords, etc, for their Bosch power tools. Bosch replacement parts are readily available through many dealers. Once you identify the Bosch tool for which you need parts, you will be asked to compare your Bosch power tool to an exploded schematic drawing of the tool, where every single part has been assigned a number.
For example, the dustless rotary hammer has 96 Bosch parts that can be reordered from one online retailer. Available Bosch parts for the rotary hammer include needle bearings, ball bearings, gears, springs, seals, gaskets, and screws. Fifty-five Bosch parts can be reordered for the Bosch mini grinder. Mini grinder customers can order motor housings, fans, on-off switches, power cords, clamps, screws – virtually any Bosch part you need to keep your power tools running.
Most of the Bosch parts that you order will be shipped within one to two weeks, so plan ahead if you know that you're going to need an essential part.

The Power of Bosch Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools are synonymous with durability, quality and performance. There is no doubt that Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools. In addition to Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, Bosch products are also made in the USA, Brazil, Malaysia, India and China.
Bosch Power Tools are not only associated with high quality and high performance, but they are innovative and are good value for money. There is a comprehensive range of accessories to support the DIY and Professional Bosch Power Tools.
A blue casing is used for the Professional range of power tools and the DIY market is green. Some Bosch products are also sold under the Dremel brand in the UK, like the popular "Multi", and these are mainly meant for the DIY market.
In any case power tools are an investment. When buying power tools, the time you are going to spend in using the tool is very often much more valuable than the cost of the tool itself. Bosch Power Tools allows you to purchase the power tools with the features that you want, and the prices are often lower than the competition.
Bosch Power Tools include Metal Working and Wood Working Power Tools. The tools can be ordered on the website of Bosch and all the tools listed in the store are inventory items and can be shipped on the same business day as it is ordered. There are several cordless tools as well, so that it is possible to work without an electricity connection.
Go Cordless
The cordless Bosch Power Tools are the most popular items. The Bosch Lithium-Ion Pocket Driver is tiny, light as a feather, including the battery, but it packs unbelievable power. Bosch has fuelled it with "litheon" and it is the industry's most advanced lithium-ion battery technology.
It is one of the rare Power Tools which suits everyone like carpenters, remodelers, cabinet makers, builders, hobbyists and homeowners. It is one of the indispensable Bosch Power Tools
The other popular Bosch Power Tools are saws, router, cutout tools, rotary hammers, grinders, corded drills, planers and vacuum cleaners. These tools are often sold by retail agents, who also have websites and it is possible to order the tools from them.
Power Box
The face of job site entertainment was totally changed by the Bosch Power Box. Now Bosch Power Tools and Accessories have announced the Power Box Advanced which has a new multi-function keychain remote control. The sound is enhanced, the reception is an improvement on its previous model and all the new features have made it the world's number one job site radio with CD player.
The cordless six-tool combo kit and the power handsaw are innovate features of the Bosch Power Tools and with every purchase, the customers are realizing the value of having reliable and yet affordable power tools.
The innovative products among the Bosch Power Tools are the ranges of lawn and garden equipment like lawnmowers, hedge cutters and pressure washers. The Bosch Power Tools Division in England focuses on education and training with ongoing courses for dealers and users.

A Starter's Guide to Alternative Fuel Sources

Alternative sources of fuel for cars may be too little too late, but they are certainly better than nothing. In many cities all across the nation, alternative fuel sources are becoming increasingly popular, as people begin to plan for what looks to be a bleak energy future. The importance of alternative fuel sources can not be overrated. We have reached the half way point for oil consumption, and from here on in, it will get more and more expensive to extract smaller and smaller amounts of oil, resulting in the end of fossil fuel use. The sooner we switch to alternative fuel sources, the better, but it seems that our economy is so completely dependent on gasoline that switching might not be enough to save us now.
Solar is a really useful alternative fuel source which will always be available. Although solar power is not one of the alternative fuel sources for cars, it is a great source of power for houses. A few solar panels can provide all of the heating needed for the water tanks, and for the house as well. It is even possible for a house to become completely powered by alternative fuel sources, although this is still often an expensive option.
Alternate fuel sources for cares are varied. Hybrid cars, although technically not using alternative fuel sources, have found ways to make gas consumption much more efficient. These vehicles can get 50 miles per gallon or more out of conventional fuel! This is, in my opinion, better than alternative fuel sources which involve the inefficient burning of vegetable oil. Biodeisel, and ethanol powered cars, while eliminating our dependence on oil through using alternative fuel sources, still pollute the environment with their smoke. Does it make sense to switch to an alternative fuel source which does every bit as much to pollute as the one which we were using before it? It sure does not make sense to me!
Two of the most promising alternative fuel sources are electricity and hydrogen. These alternative fuel sources are actually closely related; hydrogen is a highly efficient way to store power which can be then converted into electricity in the car. This alleviates the need for huge, bulky, heavy batteries. The car can be lighter, which means that it can be more efficient and easier to maintain. If these alternative fuel sources are perfected, they might form the best solution to all of our fuel problems.

All About Solar Energy Projects

There is no way around it, completely changing over a house from electric power to solar power is going to be costly and it is not going to be easy. This is especially true if you are trying to save money by completing the job yourself. While there are just some basics to the procedure, it can be a job that is extremely stressful and not something that you want to mess up just because you wanted to save money by not hiring a professional. Solar energy projects can be done by the homeowner but it is always best to do a little research before hand to make sure it is all done right.
There are a lot of books out there that can offer help on tackling solar energy projects yourself. It may seem simple when reading through everything but it can be a little tricky once you get started and you are in the middle of everything. If the money is there, it is probably a good idea to hire a professional so your solar energy projects do not fail and actually cost you more money in the long run. There is nothing to be ashamed of when asking for help, as solar energy projects are a big job for your normal handyman.

Learning More About The Process
Besides the books and magazines that are out there just filled with information, there is also the wonderful world of the Internet, which offers a lot of free information about solar energy projects. These sites can tell you what to do and most importantly, what not to do as knowing in advance some complications that could arise would be beneficial. It also would not hurt to call in a professional just for an estimate of what they would charge. Even if you cannot afford to hire them, you may learn a thing or two about what they would do and that could help you in your attempt at the solar energy projects you are going to try.
Make sure you have some friends and family available to help you because two minds are better then one and if you have three working on the solar energy projects then that is even better. It is important to have other people around for help and to give a different perspective so that things can get done in the most efficient manner. As long as things run smoothly and you start the solar energy projects with everything you need, it should not take too long at all to complete the project.