Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Brief Guide to Solar Power for Homes

Light, and more particularly sunlight is a readily available source of energy that can be used to make heat as well as to generate electricity, and this is the first thing that we need to learn about solar energy. Secondly, it is a very clean way to produce electricity, and, unlike other sources of energy, does not cause any pollution in the atmosphere and is available in two main forms.

Solar Thermal Conversion Or Photo-Voltaic
You can either use solar energy as solar thermal conversion in which sunlight creates heat and then electricity, while the second type of solar energy that you need to be aware of with regard to learning about solar energy is using photo-voltaic conversion in which sheets that are made from special materials are used to generate considerable amount of electricity directly from the sun.
The major advantages to using solar energy are that it is very cheap as compared to oil based and other systems of energy production and it is also easily transported from one place to another, which means that even when a person is out backpacking in remote places or lives far from a power grid, by using solar panels he or she can generate electricity to power up electronic equipment.
What’s more, as you learn more about solar energy, you will also realize that this is a form of energy that does not pollute the atmosphere, and if man switched over completely too using solar power, he would not need to worry about things such as global warming and greenhouse emissions.
It is thus important for us to learn as much as we can about solar energy if we want to do something serious to control the threat posed to our environment by other forms of energy. It would be ideal if solar power could be used in combination with other renewable forms of energy so that timely and remedial action could be taken against the more harmful methods being employed to generate electricity and thus keep the earth safe and clean, and to also be able to provide mankind with cheap and clean energy from the sun.
The only stumbling block with regard to learning about solar energy is that many times you will be confronted with facts that are really not facts. However, by turning to using photo-voltaic cells to produce electricity, we are moving in the right direction and the good news is that man is constantly striving to make more efficient solar cells so that in the future we can put all that we have learnt about solar energy to good use and save the planet from global warming and other threats.

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